a brief History:

Once settled in LA, I took music classes at a local college and eventually landed a job as a “runner” position at Cherokee Recording Studios. That was the beginning of a lifetime career in the music world. Being patient & persistent, I was fortunate that my career kept rising and to better and more challenging positions.

A few years later I changed studios to A&M Studios (now called Henson Recording Studios). The once owned Charlie Chaplin Movie studio was where I started to really dig in as an engineer and have significant growth. At A&M I learned directly under Jimmy Iovine & Shelly Yakus & the many outside Producers. It was the boot-camp of audio training. Eventually I ended up leaving A&M to go freelance and have been working all over the world ever since.

I had the great privilege to work on several Grammy nominated records & mixing TV & movies like Yes Man w/ Jim Carrey, Magnolia, Prince Of Egypt, Desperate Housewives & Sons Of Anarchy.

One of the things I enjoy doing is giving back to those who want to learn.  Beside helping local bands here are a few of the charity events I have been involved with:

  • BScheuble (1)The Special Olympics: received a plaque from the Kennedy family 
  • “Take It Back” teaching about recycling
  • Hurricane Sandy: Jersey Shore Music CD
  • Lectured at Berkley School of Music in Boston
  • Lectured at California College of Music
  • Grammy Camp: helping kids learn about the creative side of the Music

About MY process

I listen to ideas that are in a song or a band description, roughs or demo’s.  I consider all in recording or the mixing process.  Trying to bring out elements of a song that can help the interest in the listener. I do like to take chances & push limits when possible.  My process is chameleon like in that whatever I need to be to make it the best I do. I want a band/artist to be proud when they hear their song years down the road.

Let’s Get Started: 

Contact me today and let me know about your project.

Let’s see what we can do to improve your music!  All budgets welcome!